Friday, April 28, 2017

Trump in the K-Hole: Big Don Exposed as Ketamine Addict

Ketamine’s ability to produce hallucinogenic effects within minutes after administration has led to its abuse as a recreational drug. The dissociative effect of ketamine that is produced by high doses is often described by recreational users as the “K hole”—a separation of the mind and body, or a hallucinatory “out of body” experience. Ketamine is known by various street names, including K, special K, jet, super acid, and cat valium. It may be snorted, injected, or taken orally, and its effects may last from 30 minutes to more than an hour. However, for one or more days after taking the drug, users may display symptoms of amnesia, schizophrenia, impaired judgment, and lack of coordination. In addition, long-term abuse can lead to paranoia, depression, and other evidence of cognitive dysfunction.

(From Encyclopedia Britannica's article on ketamine) 
Ketamine was introduced by God to give dead people a means of communicating with us, the living. 
--David Woodward 
With all the focus on supposed Russian ties as well as the chaos he's already stirred up as president, it's no wonder that the ketamine stories have fallen between the cracks. The media may have turned from their Objective Journalism in the age of Trump, but outing the president as an unhinged dope fiend is far too Politically Incorrect for even the more liberal-leaning press outlets. Presidents have had their secrets for a long time: FDR was a paraplegic, JFK had Addison's disease, Obama was a secret adherent to the LaVeyan Church of Satan (nevermind the Muslim rumors), and now we have the Donald--no surprise that a man with enough money to goldplate every room in his mansion would end up in the tantalizing and dangerous world of drug abuse.

While mainstream outlets have maintained total silence about it, perhaps out of fear of the hell it could unleash, it's undeniable that Trump is a grade-A ketamine addict. Ketamine, for the uninitiated, is a Schedule III drug, used for anesthesia and pain relief, with a long and storied history of being used as a hallucinogenic and a club drug. Under its influence, John C. Lilly became convinced he was being contacted by space aliens, and that they had removed his penis. How Trump came to be addicted to it is anyone's guess; perhaps, in the midst of failing casinos and bad press, he turned to a new way to treat the inevitable migraines, and soon enough found himself a crazed junkie. Ketamine is a prescription drug, and with the sort of doctors Trump finds, it's no surprise if he's been able to get a regular prescription to fuel his dependence.

Speculations have run rampant about Trump's mental health, but few people have been able to deduce what I can state confidently now: Trump's strange and unsettling behavior is not just the product of growing up under the thumb of a eugenicist real estate tycoon or of some natural chemical imbalance. Ketamine is capable of inducing the raving paranoia we've seen as Trump tweets wildly about being wiretapped by Obama and about Democratic conspiracies to sabotage his presidency. These are not simply bones he's throwing to his base of Klansmen and gay-bashers, nor are they just a way to soothe his wounded ego as he watches his approval ratings dip; in the throes of the mania that a chronic ketamine abuser will stumble into, Trump surely believes with all his heart and mind that even the wildest conspiracy theories he vomits forth are the Gospel Truth.

The delusions of grandeur, too, are just another effect of rampant ketamine abuse. As Trump stood in the tower that bears his name, announcing his candidacy, and told the audience that he would the greatest jobs president that God had ever created, he may well have believed that God himself had given him that message just moments before. The "many people" that he consistently turns to as a vague way to source his claims could be anyone you can imagine: Abraham Lincoln; Ronald Reagan; Joseph McCarthy; even Jesus himself. Under the spell of a powerful hallucinogenic, Trump has probably had meetings with all of them. His unshakable self-confidence almost certainly comes from a belief that he's been chosen by some set of powers, extraterrestrial or maybe divine, that regularly communicate with him while he's in the so-called k-hole.

Given his erratic behavior, Trump must be using ketamine on almost a daily basis at least. It's all too likely that in meetings with his closest advisors, he pulls out a syringe or pours out a line on the presidential desk and doses up to deal with the stress of his newfound power. "Steve," one can imagine him screaming at Bannon, "holy shit, Steve, your eyeballs are on fire! Don't you feel it? They're burning right out of their sockets!" It's no wonder that the agenda of the Trump presidency so far seems largely shaped by people other than the president himself. There is no way that those around him are unaware of his dangerous habit, and he surely spends too much time incapacitated to do the job himself.

This is all speculation on my part, you may say. But I see only one alternative, and it is far too absurd to seriously consider: that Trump maintains this level of insanity and instability without the help of any drug. We have reached the point where it is a bigger leap of faith to cling to that innocent notion than to admit the obvious truth that our president is hooked on Special K--which, there can be little doubt, is the reason why he ever thought of the deranged idea to run for president in the first place. The accusation may seem incredible, but the alternative is entirely impossible to believe.